WellHello Review Is Being Merely Functional Acceptable?

WellHello Review Is Being Merely Functional Acceptable?

WellHello describes itself as an adult community. On its welcome page and promotional pages it uses the tagline WellHello, Your Fun Dating, Hookup, and Swingers Site With Style. At least as a concept, what WellHello purports to offer can be interesting to a large segment of our readership. With that in mind, we conducted an evaluation of WellHello in order to determine what sort of user experience can be expected – and more importantly, what results can iLove be obtained. Here is our in-depth WellHello review.

WellHello Review Results

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WellHello carries some of the same weight of other hookup sites – namely, the use of fictitious profiles to drive up paid membership. With WellHello – as annoying as that is when you are a free member – at least there are some real women on the other side of the paywall. Our main complaint is that there just aren’t that manypared to other hookup sites that we have tested, WellHello only resulted in a fraction of the number of contacts that we have obtained in the same time frame on other sites. While it is not a dead end – it isn’t an expressway to hookups either.

  • Registration is fast and free
  • Need a paid membership to use most of its functions
  • Fake profiles are present
  • Matches are often too far away to result in hookups

WellHello is marketed as a dating and hookup site for singles and swinging couples. With a strong marketing effort utilizing pop-up ads on adult networks, pay-per-click ads on search engines, and SMS text campaigns – WellHello is a dating site that is making a concerted effort to brand itself as the go to site for the hookup lifestyle.

– First Impression and Registration on WellHello –

Due to the intensive marketing that WellHello is conducting, your first impression of WellHello will come from either its standing welcome page, or one of its capture pages. The latter are glitzier and focus on getting you to start the registration process more on impulse than anything else. The capture pages offer no further information beyond the registration box. The official welcome page offers slightly more information – including what are presented as testimonials from satisfied users.

Registration involves a simple process. You are required to enter your gender, a valid email address (which will be used to verify your registration), a password to access your account, your zip code and your date of birth. Unlike the majority of other sites that require a second or third tier of profile building information, WellHello allows you immediate access to its platform by solely submitting the first tier of basic information.

Immediately upon registering, you are redirected to WellHello’s membership page. You will notice that a small line of text appears below your username indicating that you must validate your email address. A verification link was sent to the email that you registered. If you do not click on that verification link within 24 hours, your account is canceled.

– WellHello Features –

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For a hookup and dating site that markets itself as an adult community, WellHello does not have the feature set commonly associated with community sites. The features on this hookup site are in fact, pretty standard. There is a search function, an internal messaging system, a place to store your favorite profiles and that’s about it. Other adult hookup sites that tout themselves as communities offer more robust features – similar to those found on a social network. This was a disappointment to us, considering the hype from their marketing material – we expected something more.

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